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About Us

Thanks for visiting the webstore for Chocolatea and The Pantry!

ChocolaTea is locally owned and is, above all, a family business. Our owner, founder and Queen of Tea, Polly Kragt, has always had a life-long dream of opening her own tea store. In October of 2008 that dream became a reality. She loves to educate people about tea, whether they are daily drinkers or taking their first sip.

At ChocolaTea we are never too busy to answer your questions or do a cupping for you so you can find the tea that you are looking for. The store is Polly's "baby" and we have delighted in watching it grow and fill up with friends, neighbors, co-workers and new faces.
We are working to convert the coffee culture, one steep at a time.

Polly Kragt, owner of ChocolaTea, has been ‘feeding’ her passion to open a specialty Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar store for several years. Polly was born and raised right here in Kalamazoo and just retired from her nursing career at Bronson Hospital. Her passion for food, her strong Italian heritage, and the need to grow her ChocolaTea business all developed into opening ‘The Pantry On Tap’. When a storefront just outside ChocolaTea’s back door became available this year it was the perfect opportunity to bring in all the delicious ideas that ChocolaTea has been wanting to add to their collection. Thus ‘The Pantry’ has become just that! We now have the space to develop a specialty shop full of bulk spices, herbs, salts, and blends. All priced by the ounce, just like ChocolaTea loose leaf teas. Most importantly, The Pantry brings you fresh-from-the-tap specialty oils and vinegars, all priced by the 100 ml’s which is unique to this type of business as we offer a bottle recycling program too. Please stop in, taste and see for yourself!